creek house long

IMG 1926

During the early stages in planning the Creek House, this particular space was the last to be imagined and developed. An open and bright space, it had lots of potential but with a family room and kids game room already in works, this space needed a different purpose. After many planning sessions standing in the space with no avail, it was finally decided. It was a lightbulb moment when the idea arrived and has turned out to be one of our most favorite spaces in the home. With a lifelong love of music, this room makes perfect sense in the home. Once the decision had been made, the search began for the perfect piano to fill the space. A 1920’s baby grand piano fit the bill. A perfect match to the history we strive to preserve. Music once owned by the Grandmother of Janice Leiphart, Gertrude Siefert is displayed in various window panes throughout the room.

IMG 1919“Going through old sheet music, I found one song in particular that I remembered the most- The Bells of St. Mary’s. My grandmother taught me to play the piano using this very music. How fun it was to see this music again and sit down to play its sweet notes. Sweeter still was handing it to my Granddaughter, Josephine, and hearing her play the same melody. “

-Janice Leiphart

IMG 1915We hope you’ll utilize this room as a place to gather and enjoy music or conversation. If you play the piano, we invite and encourage you to do so here. It is our firm belief that no home should be without music.