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Bedroom Features:

Full Size Bed

Bonus Sitting Room with West Window


Writing Desk

Large Closet Space

Named for the mother in law of Janice Leiphart and grandmother of Jacqueline Burton, Sophia Josephine Kocjancic Leiphart.

Sophia was born February 20, 1913 in Bedford, OH. A first-generation immigrant, her parents, Joseph and Johanna originated in Slovania of Eastern Europe.

The furniture in this room belonged to Sophia and her husband Charles D. Leiphart. It was some of the first furniture they purchased as a couple in the early 1940’s.

“Most of my memories with Grandma Leiphart were once she moved to Muncie in 1990. We spent a lot of time over at her apartment down the road. I could go on for hours over the time she accused me of cheating at cards (I didn’t cheat) or the time she told me I was going to give my sister breast cancer by tickling her. She was a woman set in her ways, and her way was the right way. I didn’t find it very amusing at the time, but as I’ve aged, I’ve grown to admire her for her convictions, her steadfast decision making and a constant force of unwavering faith.

IMG 1861My favorite memories of Grandma Leiphart were in the kitchen. I watched her make cookies and other desserts for hours as a small child. The ones I remember the most were her pizzelles, date cookies and my personal favorite – her apple strudel. I have never been a fan of raisins, but those were a staple ingredient in her apple strudel and Grandma Leiphart was one for strict adherence to the rules and the way things were property done. I remember standing in the kitchen as she rolled out the pastry dough, let out a lengthy sigh, and only sprinkled raisins on half the dough. She gave me a look as to say – “I can’t believe I’m changing my ways for you.” I remember standing there and being truly grateful she had accommodated my finicky taste buds. This my seem like a simple way to appease a small child, but I can assure you it was a huge deal in my mind and in her heart. I still make apple strudel today for special occasions and always think about her when I do. I don’t put ANY raisins in mine and often think I can faintly hear her lengthy sigh as I roll up the dough without them.

IMG 1862I was lucky to know Grandma Leiphart and I hope this room does justice to serve as remembrance to her and the woman she was never afraid to be. “

-Jacqueline Burton

This room features a bonus area sitting room with writing desk.  Take in the surrounding views and jot down a quick note. 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

IMG 1866This phrase may not be something you traditionally associate with a desk, but for this particular desk it works perfectly. This desk was owned and painted by my dad, Charles Leiphart but belongs to my sister, Julie Lawrence. I don’t ever particularly remember her sitting at the desk, but it was always a staple of the room décor. I remember comic books sitting on its surface, followed in later years by boy band covers and a decorative dolphin soap and a parrot that sat on its corner for the longest time. The desk is hers, we simply have it on loan until she has the space or desire for it to come to her home.

              The phrase “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is traditionally associated with a wedding. If it weren’t for the wedding of my mom and our dad, I’d never have known Julie. Never have played barbies or mermaids for hours on end. This desk reminds me of those times spent together and I’m glad it can share a part of this new home.

The desk is old,

this house is new.

The desk is borrowed,

and as you can see, it is Blue.

We invite you to sit down and write a letter to an old friend or jot down a note to us and place it on our board! We’re glad you’re here!