creek house long

IMG 1931Bedroom Features:

Full Size Bed

Ground Floor Access

South View Window



This bedroom is a tribute to the garden and land outside this home. A perennial plant, or simply a perennial is a plant that lives for two or more years. They include a wide assortment of plant groups from ferns and liverworts to the highly diverse flowering plants like orchids and grasses. Take time to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the time of year here at The Creek House. The land and what it provides are an important part of our farm activities. IMG 1935The land provides food for our animals, and grows our own fruits and vegetables that we enjoy. Depending on the time of year you visit, produce from our farm may be available. We invite you to visit our Creek Garden and see our various plants. Help yourself to anything growing here, but please take only what you’ll eat and leave young or tender shoots for those that come after you.

This room brings a touch of that land and its importance inside. We have many perennial plants around the grounds of The Creek House, but more importantly, our hope is that this house becomes a perennial of sorts for all that visit, a place to return year after year.