creek house long

IMG 1852Bedroom Features:

Two Full Size Beds

North Facing Window


Large Closet Space

If you already know what Muscogee means- Congratulations! This room is named for the Muscogee (Creek) American Indian tribe. Pictures below are of Cora Berryhill Applegeet, a member of the Muscogee tribe. She is the Great Grandmother of Janice Leiphart. The second picture below is of Alice Joyce Siefert, Janice Leiphart, Jacqueline and Josephine Burton. Josephine Burton is the great-great-great granddaughter of Cora Berryhill.

IMG 1848The circle is used in and throughout the Creek Nation’s history. We have chosen to honor that symbol throughout this room as a dedication to those who have come before us and those that come after.

The Way of the Circle:

IMG 1843A traditional Muscogee song

The Circle has no beginning and no end. It is continuous. The Circle contains and appreciation; an acknowledgment. When people come together in the Circle there is a spirit of oneness, energy and power. This represents unity, integrity and harmony. The Circle is never ending.

When we hear the sound of the drum we feel the heartbeat of the earth. We acknowledge the spirit within it; it was once a tree with life giving force. It was created with both bark and wood, which was combined in harmony. We dance to the tempo, the heartbeat of the earth. We are dancing to our Creator; we are in harmony. We are in the Circle.....

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