creek house long

IMG 1884Bedroom Features:

Four Bunk Beds

Pull Out Full Size Sofa

Large Windows and Skylight

Television and Nintendo Wii

Games, Puzzles and Toys

Large Closet Space

Hinden Entrance

IMG 1883This hidden treasure of the house is for kids of all ages. A place to enjoy a game, relax or spend time with friends. This room was designed for the Burton children and their cousins.

“When I first saw this space, I knew it was perfect for our kids and their cousins. After countless sleepover nights in our own home, we modeled this room with all the comforts they’d enjoy after a long day out on the farm. Some of my most treasured memories around the farm are of when my niece and nephews come to stay. I absolutely love to watch them work – I love to watch them use their hands and their minds to problem solve. They and my own children come together, they work hard, they get dirty, and most importantly, they make memories together. I always try and make sure their time here is split between work and play, after all I DO want them to come back! Our afternoons and evenings are spent playing games, building fires and spending time together. This room is perfect for those lazy evenings where the accomplishments of the day are rehashed, funny stories retold, and memories are made.

-Aaron Burton

IMG 1886This space has a true bunkhouse feel, and is secluded from the rest of the home, making it the perfect getaway after a long day.   Help yourself to the puzzles, board games and toys provided and enjoy the company of those around you.IMG 1879